Other Saints Associated with Abernethy

St Donald

Saint’s Day 12th July or 15th July

St Donald, who was said to come from Angus, is not directly connected with Abernethy, but his daughters, the NINE MAIDENS occur in several local legends.  St Donald lived at Ogilvy during the eighth century, and had nine daughters who, after their mother’s death, founded themselves into a religious community under his direction.  After his death, it is said that they went to Abernethy and entered the religious house that had been founded there by ST BRIGID and ST DARLUGDACH.

St Fergus

Saint’s Day 18th November

St Fergus’s connection with Abernethy is never made directly, but Abernethy is said to have been the seat of the only bishop in Scotland during the Pictish period and a Fergus, thought to be this saint, is listed as a bishop ‘of the Picts from Scotland’ at a Council held in Rome in 721 AD.

The legend of St Fergus is recorded in the Aberdeen Breviary (a sixteenth-century church calendar which retells the lives of many of the Saints of Scotland).  The Breviary states that he was a bishop in Ireland who came to Scotland where he settled and founded many churches, including Glamis. 

St Fincana

Saint’s Day 21st August or 13th October

Also known as Fyncana, Finsedh
St Fincana was one of the NINE MAIDENS and the daughter of ST DONALD.  She is associated with ST FYNDOCA and is listed in the Aberdeen Breviary, although no details of her life are recorded.

St Fyndoca

Saint’s Day 13th October

Also known as Fyndocha
St Fyndoca was one of the NINE MAIDENS and is associated with ST FINCANA.

St Mayota

Saint’s Day 21st August or 23rd December

Also known as Mazota, Mayot, Maik
May be the same saint as Mochoat (9th August), Machutus (15th November), Machoit (22nd August)
St Mayota was one of the NINE MAIDENS.  She is said to have come with ST BRIGID to Scotland at the request of Gartnait, son of Dompnach, and to have settled at Abernethy.  Mayota was said to have been the most devoted of Bridget’s nine followers (sometimes given as nineteen in Mayota’s story) and after her death a church was erected in her honour at Dulmack, on the Dee.

St Ternan

Saint’s Day 12th June

This saint, like ST FERGUS, was reputed to have been a bishop of the Picts, and has been connected with Abernethy because it was thought to have been an episcopal centre.