Cancellation of Meeting Scheduled to be held on
Wednesday 18th November at 7.30pm 
In Abernethy Primary School

With just two community council members able to attend the scheduled meeting of 18th November the meeting has been cancelled as it would fail to achieve PKC’s constitutional requirements of a minimum of three council members to form a quorum. 

The cancellation starkly illustrates the fact that after the recent PKC Community Council elections, Abernethy only has four community councillors from a total of nine seats allocated by PKC, this is below the minimum required so a second election will be necessary in an attempt to bolster numbers otherwise the community council will not be established.

Over the past few months there have been many pleas for applicants, whether through Facebook, the Crier, the village website and every month at the regular community council meetings but to little avail. During the first week of December an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held during which office bearers will be appointed to carry on the business of the community council until the second round of elections.

At that December meeting and following appointment of office bearers I will propose a motion calling for the support of the community council and at the same time seek an undertaking from others who propose to apply and serve on Abernethy Community Council.        

Colin Morrison.
Chairman, Abernethy Community Council.