Does your community have an environmental project or a piece of land to improve, which could make a significant difference to your local environment?
Is your idea widely supported within your community?
Perth & Kinross Council could support you with a grant
of between £2,500 and £10,000.
Challenge Fund
Monitoring the Project
An End of Grant Monitoring Form will be provided to each community group
who has received funding so that the positive impacts on the community and
the local area can be recorded, shared and celebrated.
Who can apply?
The organisation seeking funding must be a constituted group and could act
on behalf of other community partners.
Projects must be developed by community or voluntary organisations.
The definition of a voluntary or community organisation is a body led by
volunteers, is non-profit distributing, legally independent of the state, and is
dedicated to a public good (CoSLA/SCVO 1998).
The project must have the written support of all local Councillors in the Ward
where the project is taking place.
The project must also have the support of a range of local community groups
such as Bloom Groups, Development Trusts, Youth Groups and Community
Before work starts, projects must have the agreement of the landowner and
also any statutory consent such as planning permission or building warrants
if required.
An electronic application form can be accessed either via or
Completed applications should be returned to Perth & Kinross Council Grants
Direct, 2 High Street, PERTH, PH1 5PH. A paper application can be obtained by
contacting Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Greenspace team.
Information and Support
If you would like to discuss an idea or project, need support to develop your
project, assistance with completion of the application form or have any other
questions regarding the Community Environment Challenge Fund, please
contact Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Greenspace team by telephoning
01738 476476 or emailing
If you or someone you know would like a copy of this
document in another language or format, (on occasion,
only a summary of the document will be provided in
translation), this can be arranged by contacting the
Customer Service Centre on 01738 475000.
All Council Services can offer a
telephone translation facility
(PKC Design Team - 2013350)