Binn Eco Park Anaerobic Digestor Expansion
There are plans afoot to expand the existing facility at Binn from 12,000 tons a year capacity to 30,000 tons - a sizeable increase.
We have asked Mr Michael Fishwick, Chief Executive of Powerhouse, the operating company to attend our Community Council Meeting on Wednesday 20th April at 7:30pm in the school.
We have asked that he address some specific concerns that residents have raised about the facility and its operation, namely:
·         Stock piling and storage of materials
·         Hours of operation
·         Proposals to minimise odours
·         Proposals to minimise noise pollution
·         Effect on road network and routing of haulage traffic
·         Origin of waste materials destined for processing & their disposal

This, like all Community Council Meetings, is an open public event, and you are most welcome to come along to hear his presentation at first hand, and to pose any specific queries that you may have.